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Comedian dog and funny feathered pals like a Howling Good Time, cheep bird jokes, hilarious African Grey parrot riddles, talking parrot puns, and gray birdie humor to screech about.

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African Grey Jokes, Funny Gray Parrot Riddles, Talking Bird Memes

Mimi's Birdcage: African Grey Jokes 3
Funny African Gray Parrot Tells Jokes to Screech About, Bird Humor, Parrot Riddles. Good Birdie!
Gray Parrot Riddles & Grey Bird Jokes 12345 6 78910
Classic Parrot Joke: Where do the smartest parrots live? The Brain Forest! Smart Parrot Humor
Clever Parrot Asks: How can you tell if a parrot is smart? He uses Polly-syllabic words Clever Parrot Humor
African Grey Parrot Asks: What shape is your bird in if he is missing? Polygon Bye Bye Birdie?

Clever birdies know how to tell a funny joke. Brainy parrots know where to lure zombies during the apocalypse.

    Talking comedian birds do try to befuddle folks with big words and phrases we've never heard before, and likely will never hear again...     Parrot comedians find plane figures interesting and sometimes briefly wing it to explore the punch lines further.  

Genius Parrot Asks: Why is politics for the birds? Because politicians parrot the same old line over and over again! Parrots Don't Lie!
Nosy Parrot Asks: What do you get if you cross a parrot and a shark? A pet that talks your head off! Salty Talking Parrot Joke
Parrot Yelp Review: "This is the best thing I feather bought!" Parrot Squawk on Yelp

With all their double-talk, seedy plans and conniving for crackers, you'd think funny parrots would be politicians, but they think lying is for the birds.


Big laughs from comedian parrots. A regular size polly can talk your ear off and maybe bite your thumb off, but your noggin is mostly safe.

    Funny parrots prefer to post high-flying reviews, but sometimes they get their feathers ruffled. This explains all the cheep comments and long rants at Yelp!  

Parrot Tells a Silly Joke: What do parrots eat? Poly-Fil Delicious Parrot Humor
Parrot Joke: What profession did the parrot go into after he swallowed a clock? Politics Timeless Parrot Joke
Silly Bird Joke: What do you get if you cross a nun & a chicken? A Pecking Order Holy Parrot Humor!

Crafty parrots create the best snacks and cook up the funniest bird jokes. So eat up, tweety, and get your fill of polyandry laughter.


Smooth talking parrots know how to get what they want and they are bipartisan because what they want is all that matters.

    Sometimes a funny high-spirited parrot knows he's going to hell, so he might as well just go for the punch lines and burn one.  

More Parrot Riddles & Bird Jokes 12345 6 78910

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