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Funny Parrot Riddles, Humorous Birdie Jokes, Cheep Laugh Memes

Mimi's Birdcage: Funny Parrot Riddles 1
Funny Parrot Jokes to Squawk About, Avian Humor, Clever Bird Riddles to Crow About. Good Birdie!
Squawking Funny Parrot Riddles • 12345 67 8
Nosy Parrot Asks: What do you get if you cross a parrot and a shark? A pet that talks your head off! Salty Talking Parrot Joke
Pretty Bird Asks: What is a parrot's favorite color scheme? Polychrome Colorful Parrot Comedy
Funny Parrot Asks: What do you call a funny parrot spoof? Parody Lampoon Bird Laughs

Big laughs from comedian parrots. A regular size polly can talk your ear off and maybe bite your thumb off, but your noggin is mostly safe.

    Parrots love to tell colorful jokes, but off-color phrases should only be taught to pirate birds, matey. Yar!     Sarcastic parrot comedian does a spiffy job of spoofing any topic he finds funny and he thinks SNL is hilarious. Parrots laugh at a lot of old jokes...  

Funny Parrot Asks: What test does a criminal parrot hate? A Polygraph Arresting Parrot Riddle
Romantic Parrot Asks: What is a parrot's favorite song? I Love Parrots in the Springtime! Musical Parrot Riddle
Macaw Asks: What does a parrot use to build a strong nest? Bonded Polly-Mer Home for Parrot Humor

Talking birds don't lie! Funny parrots only report the news; they don't make it up. Being a parrot is not a crime, but sometimes they do steal your heart!


Funny parrots also enjoy drizzles, sizzles and frankly anything else the feather forecast belts out in any moment.

    The home to many stylish talking birds is Parrots, France, but some funny parrots are branching out to other more exotic locations like Nest-braska City, Nebraska.  

Pet Bird Humor: What is a parrot? A Wordy Birdy! Talkative Tweeter Joke
Funny Parrot Pun: What do you call a plastic parrot? Polly Vinyl Real Funny Birdie
Funny Parrot Says: Why did the pet bird join the air force? Because he wanted to be a parrot trooper! High Flying Parrot Humor

Funny talking birds often just wing it and make up new phrases, but sometimes that's just a phase and then mum's the word.


Parrots never opt for plastic surgery because Pretty Bird knows why you call her that. Although, PVC pipes do make fun birdie perches and bongs.

    Forceful bird comedian drops another humor bomb, but trooper that he is, he'll join us for even more hilarious bird jokes...  

Squawking Funny Parrot Riddles • 12345 67 8

Wait... There's Funny Squawk Over Here, Too!

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