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ArF-ing Funny Dog Riddles, Corny Canine Comedy, Doggie Q&A Memes

Mimi's Doghouse: Funny Dog Riddles 3
Funny Dog Jokes to Yap About, Canine Humor, Smart Dog Riddles to Drool Over. Good Dog!
Woofing Funny Dog Riddles 12345 678 91011
Dog Joke: What's the difference between a dog & a fox? About 5 drinks! Sly Party Dog Riddle
Dog Joke: Q. How does a sled dog make antifreeze? A. He takes her blanket away! Ice Cold Snow Dog Humor
Dog Riddle: What do you get if you cross a chilie pepper, a shovel, and a terrier? A Hot Diggity Dog! Delicious Dog Riddle

Party animals are all foxy. Another canine joke to dig your teeth into or to growl about...

    Sled dogs tell wooly jokes that make your eyes glaze over. But, huskies will say Uncle, if you give them a cookie.     Hot Diggity Malamute might be too hot to handle. Hot Diggity Chihuahua sounds about right.  

Dog Pun: When does a dog say moo? When he wants to cuddle! Cuddly Dog Humor?
Dog Breed Joke: What do you get if you cross a dog and a cruciferous veggie? Jack Brussel Terrier! Stinking Healthy Dog Bites
Handsome Malamute Asks: How is a dog like a smart phone? Both have Collar ID High Tech Dog Riddle

Funny dog knows how to milk the laughter for a moo-ving comedy routine. How heifer, he also realizes how cheesy his puns are.


Oops! A stinking funny dog breed. Going green with a bonus of dog farts. You don't want to make Hulk angry!

    Smart dog jokes get identified quickly, without calling more attention to them. Dumb dog riddles are what they are.  

Smart Dog Asks: What's more amazing than a talking dog? A spelling bee Bee-Wildering Dog Joke
Dog Joke: How do fleas travel from place to place: They itch hike! Dog Riddles to Flee?
Dog Riddle: What happened to the dog who ate a firefly? He was filled with de-light Delightful Dog Riddle

Smart dog comedian tells jokes to buzz about and always spells out the punch lines bee-yond any doubt.


Dog comedian is itching for a laugh, but why couldn't scratch up a better riddle than this one?

    Enlightened dogs are Zen. Bright dogs tell the funniest jokes.  

Woofing Funny Dog Riddles 12345 678 91011

Wait... It Sniffs Funny Over Here, Too!

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