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Pug in bee costumer says: Sorry I missed your B-Day! I promise it won't happen again this year!


ArF-ing Funny Dog Happy Birthday Jokes & Furry Fun Doggie B-Day Memes

Mimi's Party: Happy Birthday Dogs 19
Dogs Tell Funny Birthday Jokes & Send Humorous Happy Woof-Day Greetings to You, Human!
Funny Happy Birthday Greetings 12345 678910

Pug Dressed as a Bee: Happy Bee-Day Buttercup! Happy Bee-Day from Pug!
Handsome Dog in Party Hat Says: Happy Birthday You Party Animal! Howling Happy Birthday!
Dog in Party Hat Says: Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional! Happy B-Day from a Big Kid

Here's a sweet Bee-Day wish from a pug admirer: Happy B-Day, Buttercup!

    Big dogs know how to celebrate, so Happy Birthday you party animal!     Growing Happy Birthday wishes from one eternal puppy to another. Have fun today!  

Dog Birthday Meme: Happy Birthday, Beautiful! Beautiful B-Day Wish from Dog
Birthday Dog Meme: Happy Birthday! We're here to celebrate! Hey Dog, It's Party Time!
Party Dogs Joke: I always feel warm on my birthday because people don't stop toasting me! Warm Birthday Wishes

This handsome dog has an eye for beauty and sends you best wishes on your special day. Happy Birthday, beautiful YOU!


Surprise! Happy Birthday! Woo's ready to celebrate? Woo are!

    Dog and his pals pass along warm birthday greetings, doggie kisses, and maybe some gas after the cake.  

Dog & Dog Toys Wearing Party Hats Say: Happy Birthday! It's Party Time! It's Your B-Day, Let's Party!
Handsome Dog Wearing Party Hat Says: Happy Boof-Day! I'm not a party pooper! Is Today Your Boof-Day?
Dogs in Party Hats Say: Happy Birthday! Love You! Dog Sends Birthday Love

Dog and his buds really enjoy a good party are they're here to celebrate your day. Happy Birthday!


This happy dog is no party pooper! So, it's safe to invite him to your outdoor bash. Happy Birthday to Boo!

    Happy Birthday from the whole gang! We Dawgs All Luv Ya!  

Handsome Dog in Party Hat Says: Happy Birthday You Party Animal! Howling Happy Birthday!
Handsome Malamute Wearing Party Hat Says: Happy Birthday Momma! Happy Arf Day, Momma
Dog Birthday Meme: Happy Arfday! We're here for your party Dog Sends ArfDay Greetings

Big dogs know how to celebrate, so Happy Birthday you party animal!


This dog wishes a very Happy Birthday to his best friend, his Momma, dog's best friend!

    Wow, is today your Arf-Day? Sure hope so, because we're here for your party. Cheers!  

Funny Happy Birthday Greetings 12345 678910

Happy B-Day Greetings by Theme Meow DayBoof Day Bird-DayBear Day
Birthday Cake
MomDadSisBroHappy Belated Birthday

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Funny Dog RiddlesCandid Cat AnswersBird JokesHappy Birthday, Human!

Thanks for clicking in and party with you again soon!

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