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Mewy Funny Cat Riddles, Curious Feline Comedy, Catty Q&A Memes

Mimi's Cathouse: Funny Cat Riddles 12
Funny Cats Jokes to Mew About, Feline Humor, Wise Kitty Riddles to Hiss Over. Meow!
Curious Cat Riddles 12345 6 7 89101112 13 14
Laughing Cat Riddle: How does a cat greet mice in a field? I'm pleased to meat you! Catty Dinner Humor?
Black Cat Humor: Why didn't the owner put her cat out? She didn't know he was on fire! Flaming Hot Cat Riddle
Laughing Cat Asks: What do you call a cat that just ate a duck? A duck-filled platy-puss. Tasty Feline Comedy

The opposing team with the cat name is always a very intimidating competitor. Plus they hunger for victory!

    Five Alarm funny cat joke that's too hot to handle – unless you're an expurr-ienced cat lady.     This ducking funny cat joke isn't for pussies, but feline-filled humor is meow-valous!  

Kitten Asks: What is a cat's favorite subject in school? Mew-Sic Kitten Joke of Note
Cat Riddle: What happens when two cats want the same dish of food? They have a phiss fight! Hiss-terical Cat Quips
Cat Riddle: What treat does a cat like on a hot day? A mice cream cone Mighty Sweet Cat Riddle

Next time you hear cats singing at night, picture this sweetly funny meme instead of the real activity they're singing about.


Tuna in to see the end of this kibble! Meows Mix and Cats Chow in a Fancy Feast Phight!

    Comedian cats don't sweat the humor details, they just get to the point and produce mice cold jokes.  

Cat Riddle: What do you call a cat that sucks on lemons? A sour puss Acidic Cat Puns
Red Cat Joke: Who was the most powerful cat in China? Chairman Meow Corny Old Cat Jokes
Cat Riddle: Q. Which musical instruments do cats like best? A. Purr-cussion section Noteworthy Cat Humor

Some cat jokes suck and some are just lemons; this is one of them...

Q. What joke punch line does your cat hate more than all the rest of these lame jokes? A. Sour Puss


Cats historically have great memories and will follow red laser pens, however cats prefer the laws of anarchy.

    Cats do have an ear for comedy, or so mew-ve heard. They like the kattle drums best.  

More Corny Cat Riddles 12345 6 7 89101112 13 14

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