Pirate Cat Humor: What do you call Blackbeard with a cat on his shoulder? A Purr-ate, Yar!  
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Funny Kitty Cat Riddles, Curious Feline Humor, Catty Q&A Memes

Mimi's Cathouse: Funny Cat Riddles 6
Funny Cats Jokes to Mew About, Feline Humor, Wise Kitty Riddles to Hiss Over. Meow!
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Cat Humor: What did the polite cat say to apologize? Paw-don me sir, I am furry sorry. Fur-ly Funny Cat Riddle
Laughing Cat Meme: What do you call a painting of a cat? A Paw-Trait Colorful Kitty Riddle
Cat Come-On: What is a Tom cat's favortie pick up line? Meow you doing, Kitten Catty Pick Up Lines

Humorous gentlemanly cats seldom need to apologize for catty behavior, but when they do, they are genuinely furry sorry for any im-paws-ition.

    Some felines paint a funny picture of catty comedy and they enjoy artfully crafted cat jokes.    

Are we in a litter box? Be-claws I'm digging you.

My love for you is like a hairball. I just can't hold it in.


Kitten Asks: What do cats wear at night? Paw-Jamas! Dreamy Kitten Jokes
Cat Question of the Day: What do you say to your cat when you go out? Have a Mice Day! Catchy Cat Humor
Humorous Cat Conundrum: Meow long can a cat meow until you feed him? Fur Ever! Meow-y Funny Cat Riddle

Kitten comedians enjoy a little catnip before a catnap be-claws they purr-fer sweetly funny dreams.


You never say Goodbye Kitty because cats take everything so litter-ally.

    Hypothetical cat questions are not easy to answer, but this funny riddle can be solved using a magic ring. (The can opener ring.)  

Refined Cat Humor: What is a French cat's favorite dessert? Chocolate Mousse Delicious Kitten Riddle
Old Cat Joke: What is a cat's favorite TV show? The Evening Mews Timely Cat Humor
Laughing Cat Asks: What is a cat's favorite movie? The Sound of Mew-Sic Classic Corny Cat Joke

Ooh la la! Cats think mousse is deliciously funny no matter how you say it, or serve it.


Cats also enjoy other a-mewsing classic TV shows including Cat-asy Island, Catman, and Gunsmoke be-claws of Miss Kitty.

    Cats do enjoy a good mew-sical and their favorite song in The Sound of Mew-sic is Do Re Me Ow.  

More Fun Cat Riddles 12345 6 7 89101112 13 14

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