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Furry Funny Cat Riddles, Catty Questions, Curious Answers by Cats

Mimi's Cathouse: Funny Cat Riddles 4
Funny Cats Jokes to Mew About, Feline Humor, Wise Kitty Riddles to Hiss Over. Meow!
A-Mewsing Cat Riddles 12345 6 7 89101112 13 14
Cat Humor: Why don't cats like shopping online? They prefer a purr-int cat-alog! Picky Feline Riddle
Cat Joke: What did the cat say to the dog? "Check Meow-T" Humorous Catty Taunts
Funny Cat Riddle: Q. What kind of litter does a fast cat prefer? A. Quicksand Gritty Kitty Joke

Savvy cats know that all other cats use the password HISSmyAss83, so they're hiss-itant to shop online.

    Cat thinks he's just so funny, but he's actually met his match, be-claws the dog is thinking Check Mate.     This fast-moving feline joke is a relief to the cat as well. Fact is, cats don't like random garbage, but they do love fellow litterers!  

Black Fang Cat Wonders: Why don't other pet animals purr? Only cats are ex-purrts Cat Joke Purr-fection
Persian Cat Asks: What kind of cat purrs the best? A Purrrr-sian Cat Humor Bred for Laughs
Laughing Cat Asks: What do you call a cat that can't stop licking itself? Clean Cat Humor?

Purr-fecting kitty comedy comes with ex-purr-ience, as humorous house cats meow well know.


Purr-dy kitties all purr purr-fectly, but purr-sian cats really know how to roll their Rs.

    Apparently some humans have cat envy? We don't want to touch this meow-R rated cat joke further, so we're mew-ving right along.  

Black Cat Asks: What is a cat's favorite color? Purr-ple Colorful Feline Riddle
High Cat Humor: Did you hear about the cat who climbed Mt. Everest? She was a Sher-Paw Peak Kitty Humor
Cat Riddle: What is a cat's favorite button on a remote? The Paws Button Remotely Funny Cat Joke

Witch is a black cat's fave color. That is not a silly question! Just ask the lively cat-toad hybrid on Cat Riddles 8.


Cats that get high usually prefer catnip. Goes to show you get sure-footed laughs from high-minded cat jokes.

    Dyslexic cats like the REW button be-claws they think it says MEW. They also like the remote 'claws there's a record of play and replay.  

Meow-r Cat Riddles 12345 6 7 89101112 13 14

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